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Voluntary Students

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours of classes each fall and spring semester, and be in a degree-seeking program.

Graduate Students (non employed) must be enrolled in at least five (5) credit hours of classes each fall and spring semester.

Students who are enrolled in less than the required hours as outlined above may be determined to be eligible for this Student Health Insurance Plan if the student meets one of the approved exceptions as defined by The Texas A&M University System Benefits Administration office. 

Exceptions to requirements noted above:

  • Undeclared undergraduate students classified as freshman or sophomore enrolled in at least nine (9) credit hours of classes
  • Reduced hours due to final semester of degree program/graduating
  • Student is participating in an internship/residency as part of degree program
  • Individual is a Ph.D. student and in the dissertation phase (ABD) of degree program as verified by your college
  • Classes for degree plan are not available in current semester
  • A Leave of Absence for a single semester approved by your school (not medically related)
  • A Leave of Absence approved by your school, due to medical reasons, not to exceed one year
  • Students enrolled in a stand-alone graduate certificate program that is approved to receive financial aid (semester credit hour enrollment requirement still applies)

The System office will verify your student status each fall and spring semester, to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.  If it is determined that eligibility requirements have not been met, your coverage will be retroactively voided to the beginning of the coverage period and AHP will refund you the premium paid.

International students

Students on an F1 or J1 visa are required to maintain approved health insurance coverage continuously while enrolled and attending a Texas A&M University System institution. F1 and J1 students will be bursar billed and automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.


Dependent coverage is available. Dependent is defined as:

  • an Insured’s lawful spouse; or
  • an Insured’s child(ren), including natural child(ren), a stepchild(ren), foster child(ren), and/or adopted child(ren) under 26 years of age.